Is your organisation prepared for menopause?

If not, you might face negative consequences like diminished morale, reduced productivity and increased staff turnover.

The journey to understand, accept, and be mindful

Why does your organisation need menopause support? Hormonal changes affect the body and mind, impacting confidence, mental clarity, and emotional balance. Without proper education and the tools and techniques to manage symptoms, women often feel isolated, misunderstood, and unsupported at work. Inevitably, this leads to negative consequences for businesses and organisations that employ women. The answer? Provide education and proven tools to support mental health through menopause.

Four-week course: Pause During Menopause

During my four-week interactive course, I will educate your team on the science behind menopause and meditation, and teach meditation as a tool to help everyone thrive. These weekly sessions are more than just teaching coping mechanisms—they provide a comprehensive approach to embracing menopause with informed compassion.

How the course is delivered

One-hour session every week for four weeks. Held online over video call

Week One

Introduction to Meditation and Mindfulness

  • What is meditation?
  • Benefits of meditation during menopause
  • What is menopause?
  • Understanding the role of hormones
  • Starting your practice
  • Two beginner’s meditations

Week Two

Menopause and Mood Swings

  • What are stress and anxiety? 
  • The emotional rollercoaster of menopause 
  • Know your cycle 
  • The relaxation response 
  • How meditation helps to manage stress 
  • Two focus meditations

Week Three

Managing Menopause Symptons

  • What is happening to our bodies? 
  • Understanding weight gain 
  • What is brain fog? 
  • Experiencing hot flushes 
  • The importance of sleep 
  • Loving-kindness and gratitude meditations

Week Four

Embracing Change with Confidence

  • Building confidence during menopause 
  • Self-talk 
  • Building positive self-image 
  • Identity and empty nest 
  • Accepting change meditations

Creating an inclusive workplace

Organisations that invest in menopause support and education demonstrate a commitment to employee well-being and will ultimately reap the benefits of this.

Increased Awareness

An understanding of the physical and emotional changes women undergo during menopause ensures that misconceptions are replaced with informed perspectives.

Improved Morale

Creating an environment where every employee feels understood and supported fosters a positive workplace culture where staff feel valued.

Reduced Turnover

An informed and compassionate approach to menopause can decrease the likelihood of valuable staff members leaving due to feelings of isolation.

Increased Productivity

When employees are supported and understood, they are more likely to be present, both physically and mentally, in their roles.

Promotion of Inclusivity

Demonstrating a commitment to understanding menopause sends a clear message that your organisation prioritises inclusivity and values diversity.

Case Study:

As part of our UK/Ire Wellbeing programme, Xerox partnered with Wayfinder to deliver a 4-week introduction course to support colleagues in the menopause transition. The course not only provided a very practical approach to meditation but contained a wealth of content that raised awareness of menopause, its symptoms, potential impacts, and suggestions on how to use meditation as a coping strategy. Tools and resources were provided each week – including a handbook, mood tracker, and access to the wonderful meditations we had enjoyed in each session.

– Debbie Rosetti, Menopause Programme Lead UK/Ire

The Results:

The feedback from employees was overwhelmingly positive. Charlotte’s personable delivery and passion for this subject built a great rapport with the audience and many employees attended all sessions, citing tangible impact.

Charlotte provided collaterals to help promote the sessions, and very skillfully linked into the additional supports Xerox have available to ensure this was integrated within our Wellbeing programme.

If you want to provide a very practical and valuable support to employees in the Menopause transition, highly recommend you explore this Pause for Menopause series.

Give your organisation the tools to navigate menopause mindfully, ensuring every employee feels respected and included. Let’s foster workplaces that don’t just accommodate but celebrate every phase of a woman’s life.