Breaking down the stigma of menopause

Because there are a lot of misconceptions, aren’t there?

Recognising the symptoms associated with menopause

Menopause is a complex phase of life that brings a diverse range of symptoms, from sleep disturbances and physical changes to memory and emotional changes. Many believe it’s an ‘older age’ experience, but it can start as early as thirty. And while it’s an entirely natural process, the effects vary significantly among women. Instead of falling for the common misconceptions, it’s crucial to approach menopause with solid knowledge and a genuine understanding.

Women face substantial workplace challenges during menopause

Managing the demands of work while going through menopause can be really tough. Symptoms like brain fog and anxiety can affect confidence and job performance. Misunderstandings and a lack of support can push talented women to leave their positions. Businesses must acknowledge these challenges and create inclusive environments to support women during this phase.

My Story …

Hi, I’m Charlotte John, founder of Wayfinder Meditation. With years of professional experience working in Health and Social Care, I understand first-hand the pressures of top-level roles. But my journey is about more than just corporate challenges. During my personal experience with menopause, I saw a significant gap in workplace understanding and support. Drawing on these experiences, I became a passionate advocate for change. 

Armed with science-backed research and a passion for fostering inclusive work environments, I’m dedicated to breaking down outdated stigmas around menopause. Through Wayfinder Meditation, I offer tools and education to help women and their male counterparts embrace every phase of life.

Experience and Education

Organisations that invest in menopause support and education demonstrate a commitment to employee well-being and will ultimately reap the benefits of this.

Teacher of Meditation

As the founder of Wayfinder Meditation, my mission is to support individuals through the complexities of menopause, blending my personal experiences with research-backed knowledge. I am an accredited meditation teacher with the School of British Meditation, skilled in teaching both beginners and intermediates. My specialisms are Workplace Stress and Meditation, and Midlife, Menopause & Mindset with a focus on the history, science, and techniques of meditation, including mindfulness.

NHS Frontline Healthcare

With over two decades of experience dedicated to improving patient care within the National Health Service, I have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience spanning various healthcare services, ranging from Maternity to Pathology and end of life care. My journey has encompassed operational management focused on long-term conditions, overseeing patient flow and discharge referral services, and serving as an A&E manager. I have a broad understanding on the need to support mental wellbeing within the workplace.

Digital Transformation

Over the last 10 years, I have been committed to digital transformation within the Health and Social Care sectors, focused on driving compliance and technological advancements and identifying and implementing integrated Health and Social Care solutions within the NHS that improve the delivery of care.

Since 2021, I have taken the role of Chief Operating Officer at the Healthcare Innovation Consortium. My firsthand experience as part of the C-suite, coupled with my own journey through menopause, offers a unique understanding of the challenges faced at this professional level and the impact of menopause on performance and productivity.


My academic credentials include a Postgraduate Certificate in Managing Health and Social Care from De Montfort University, and a Diploma in Anatomical Pathology from the Royal Society of Public Health & Hygiene. As well as an accredited teacher of meditation with the British School of Meditation, I am qualified with VTCT in complimentary reflexology and massage therapies.

Wayfinder Meditation has the expertise to guide an entire workforce through managing menopause in the workplace.